Counting Votes

Why vote Libertarian?

A vote for a Libertarian candidate is a vote for liberty. It's a vote for the freedom to live your life as you want to, keep more of your income through lower taxes, select which products you will or will not buy (such as health insurance), marry who you want to and start a business with minimal interference and regulation, to name a few examples. These are issues that affect your whole life.

A vote for a Republican or Democratic candidate is a vote for a party that is owned by special interests and is interested only in increasing its own power once elected. Both parties want big government in their own ways — they just want their party to be at the helm.

Our two-party system is broken. We need candidates and elected officials that will elevate the role of the individual and minimize the role of government, in adherence to our Constitution. If we as citizens want more choice beyond the two major political parties, we must vote in a way that allows other parties to have a voice and effect the change we want to see.

Interested in running for office?

LPTexas is always looking for dedicated and enthusiastic candidates to spread the liberty message. If you would like to learn more about being a Libertarian candidate, please download our Candidate Forms, contact your County Chair or you may contact us.

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