Join Kathie Glass and help Pull the Plug on the NSA!

kathie glass 2 120We live in a surveillance state that increasingly resembles a police state. Our government snoops, spies, eavesdrops, videos, photographs, records and in other ways violates our privacy daily without notice, cause, or warrant. Lost your car keys? Ask the NSA!

One of the two big superspy centers is in San Antonio, Texas – operating on our own Texas grid! Join Kathie Glass, Libertarian for Texas Governor, in a “Pull the Plug on the NSA” rally Saturday, May 31, 2014 from noon to 2:00 p.m. at Mission Park, 6030 Padre, San Antonio, Texas.

Open Response to Breitbart's Bob Price


April 22, 2014

To: Bob Price 

Dear Bob: 

I write in response to your April 21st article titled “Texas Libertarians Limp into Statewide Races after Convention”. The reason I write is first to correct the record on a few misleading or inaccurate items in the piece, and second to challenge you to post this response on your blog or submit it to as an opposing viewpoint, in the interest of journalistic objectivity.

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