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LPTexas at Texas Boys' State

LPTexas Participates in Panel Discussion at Texas Boys' State
Texas Libertarians,

On the morning of June 10, I participated in a panel discussion between the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, Tom Mechler, and the Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Texas, Manny Garcia, at the Texas Boys' State Convention.
I am extremely pleased to report that LPTexas received OVERWHELMING support from the crowd of students who will be entering their Senior year of High School in the fall.


I received at least a dozen applause breaks while the old party representatives received fewer than 2 each - if that.

My message was simply that LPTexas is the party of the 21st Century because we are aligned with the ideals of the Millennial Generation: that Government should stay out of your Body, Bedroom, and Business.

They also roared when I mentioned that we are the party who wants, "Gay married couples to protect their marijuana fields with guns." Huge applause.

Most of the questions that came from the audience were directed towards me; and of the ones that were not, even those questions fell along the lines of, "This is for the Republican: when will you guys recognize the Libertarian Party as a viable option," or, "How is the Democratic Party changing in order to win over younger voters who believe in libertarian principles?"

I was absolutely blown away.

There were times when the old party representatives attempted to gang up on me, but these moments were met with boos from the crowd and quickly abandoned. This is not to saythat the old party representatives were in any way rude, quite the contrary, we were all polite and only engaged in heated discussion in good fun.

It was an extremely affirming experience to see that our principles are winning over a generation of politically-minded young adults from all across the state.

And... well, it may have given me a bit of pleasure to watch the old party representatives squirm. The movement is growing.
Best Regards,

Ben Farmer
State Vice Chair
Libertarian Party of Texas
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