LPTexas 2022 Convention Resolution #1 “Petition to the LP Bylaws Committee”

Introduced by Joe Burnes, delegate from Llano County the delegates to the 2022 LPTexas Convention passed the following resolution as a Petition to the LP.


All members of the libertarian party take an oath not to use force to achieve social or political goals,


Any member who proves beyond all doubt that they will use force or violence to achieve social or political goals no longer qualifies to be a member of  the Libertarian Party,


No mechanism exists within the national bylaws that would allow for the revocation of the membership of such an individual,


Be it resolved that LPTexas respectfully requests that the national LP Bylaws Committee propose a bylaw amendment at the upcoming National Convention in Reno that would allow for the revocation of an individual membership, so long as such mechanism has a high bar to initiate and sufficient due process to prevent abuse of said mechanism.

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