2022-2024 Officers for LPTexas

The 250 delegates representing 51 counties across the State of Texas came together to handle the biennial business of the Party in Irving, Texas last weekend. As part of their regular business, the delegates elected our 2022-2024 Officers to fill the roles of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer of the Party.

For the role of Chair, the incumbent, Whitney Bilyeu ran unopposed and was elected to serve another term.

The Vice-Chair race race featured 2 very well qualified candidates for the position in Luke Troxell and Kyle Russell. Kyle Russell narrowly beat out Mr. Troxell and will serve in the role of Vice-Chair for the next 2 years.

The Secretary race also featured 2 candidates. Long-time Party member Anastasia Wilford brought previous experience in internal Party leadership to the table and Agatha Venters sought to use her professional experience and new member energy in serving the State Party. In the end, the delegates elected Mrs. Wilford to serve as our State Secretary.

In absolutely no surprise to anyone, Kate Prather crushed NOTA in order to win the Treasurer election and will be fulfilling her 2nd full and 3rd term in this role.

Delegates attending the convention nominated each candidates and elected the winners using Approval Voting on electronic ballots.

For the next 2 years these four Libertarians will represent the State Party in executing the mission of the Party at the direction of the State Libertarian Executive Committee.


Congratulations to our new 2022-2024 Officers!



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