Michael Badnarik 1954 – 2022

Michael Badnarik

August 1, 1954 – August 11, 2022


LPTexas regrets to announce the immense loss of Michael Badnarik on August 11, 2022. To state the impact Badnarik had on the liberty movement, the Libertarian Party, and on us individually would require innumerable pages and would still fall short of adequately illustrating his work and life.


Badnarik found Libertarianism at an event booth in the San Luis Obispo Farmer’s market and went on to become the 2004 Libertarian Party Presidential nominee. Many among us recall working on his campaign or taking his classes on the Constitution. Michael was well known for his expertise on a wide range of Constitutional issues, authoring numerous books on Liberty, and presenting his knowledge with compassionate fervor. His devotion to liberty translated to a lifetime of fighting injustices across the country. He had compassion and fierce love for his fellow man, and showcased brilliantly how we may all flourish in liberty.


While he was still with us, he requested that people celebrate life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness instead of mourning his death. He would remind us that our enemy is not within the party. Instead it looms large outside – in the form of the state.


Rather than mourn the loss of this legend, let us elevate his legacy and carry his torch. Let us remind everyone where liberty lives: in our hearts. Let us live by his reminder that if government is to exist, it should only be protect our lives, liberty, and private property. Let us stay vigilant against the ever-widening encroachment by the state.


Thank you, Michael Badnarik, for sharing your passion for freedom and your desire for us all to know and enjoy it.

To honor Michael’s final wishes, a collection of his work can be found below:



Good To Be King

Philosophical Lighthouse: Reality vs Fantasy

Secret to Sovereignty



Libertarian Party of Chicago – 2nd Amendment Bill of Rights Class

Michael Badnarik, Libertarian for President (2004)

Harry Browne Interviews Badnarik

Badnarik Memorial 2022

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