LPTexas is Under Attack!

This is not hyperbole.  This is not a drill.  Our party and candidates are under direct attack!  Our Republican opponents have filed a Writ of Mandamus with the Texas Supreme Court in an attempt to remove 23 of our candidates from the ballot!  Our team of attorneys has filed our response and we fully intend to beat them as we did in 2020.  But we need your help!  Please give generously to our Legal Fund to help us fight this battle.  We need to raise another $12,000 by the end of August:

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As the Republican Chair of the Calendars Committee makes clear, they consider it their duty to knock us off the ballot:

From our recent press release on the issue:  “Some Republicans say the elections are rigged in secret,” said LPTexas Executive Director Andrew Amelang, “Meanwhile, they are trying to rig the elections in broad daylight.”

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This issue has garnered major press coverage recently, including articles in the Austin American Statesman and The Texan, news coverage by KHOU 11 in Houston, and an interview with our Chair, Whitney Bilyeu, on Texas Public Radio.

We are also fighting the underlying unconstitutional filing fee law in Federal Court.  See https://lptexas.org/2022/07/07/legal-fund-drive/ for more info.  The Federal case is ongoing and we need your help to fund its litigation:

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The following screenshot is from a short video we released to help explain how the filing fees they are forcing on our candidates go to help fund the primaries of our competitors.  It also shows the author of the bill lying when she claims that primary candidates don’t receive any benefit from their filing fees. See below for link to the video.

Link to YouTube video

Thank you for your continued support of LPTexas!  We could not do this without you!

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