“Access to the ballot lies at the heart of a constitutional republic.”

Austin, TX, August 26, 2022 – On Friday morning, the Texas Supreme Court announced it is dismissing a complaint brought by Republicans attempting to remove 23 Libertarian Party of Texas (LPTexas) candidates from the November ballot.

“The Libertarian Party of Texas is thrilled with this outcome,” said LPTexas Chair Whitney Bilyeu, “As we did last time, we resisted this haphazard attempt by Republicans to limit voter choice and obstruct free and fair elections.”

In the Case Summary, the Supreme Court made it clear that protecting the choice of voters is critical, “Never is adherence to this general rule more important than when candidates seek to constrain the choices available to voters in an election. Access to the ballot lies at the heart of a constitutional republic. For that reason, the Court strictly construes statutory provisions against a finding of a candidate’s ineligibility.”

This follows a 2020 ruling where Republicans made a similar last-minute filing to try to strike Libertarian candidates from the ballot, which was rejected primarily due to being filed late.

The Supreme Court agreed with the Libertarian position: “The Libertarians respond with a plausible, competing understanding of the Election Code under which, even if the fee has not been paid, removing these candidates from the ballot is not the appropriate remedy at this stage of the election process.”

LPTexas thanks its outstanding base of supporters for contributing generously to the legal fund to help defend Libertarian ballot access.

“We are a ballot-qualified political party seeking to offer options for the growing number of voters who reject the ever-increasing tyranny and authoritarianism of the Republican and Democratic Parties,” Bilyeu concluded, “Without Libertarians on the ballot, there is no option for true freedom.”

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