Precinct Convention FAQ

When is precinct convention?

The Precinct Conventions of the Libertarian Party of Texas are held second Tuesday in March per TEC § 181.061(c).

Who can participate in precinct conventions?

Only those people registered to vote in a precinct who have not voted in the primaries or participated in the convention of another party are eligible to participate in that precinct’s convention.

If I can’t be at precinct convention, are proxy voting or absentee ballots allowed?

Absentee ballots are not permitted. If you are unable to attend precinct convention but someone else in your precinct will be there, you can request that they elect you as a delegate to the county convention. If you are unable to attend county convention, you could request to be nominated as a delegate to state convention.

Can someone who isn’t able to attend the precinct convention become a delegate to the county convention?

The only way a person who isn’t in attendance at the precinct convention can become a delegate to county convention is if there is someone else from their precinct in attendance and they are nominated as a delegate from their precinct. This means if no one from a precinct is in attendance on the day of precinct conventions, that precinct will have no delegates at county convention.

How do I know where and when my precinct convention will be held?

Your county chair will determine the specific location and start time and post notice of such either on the county’s website or state party’s events calendar. If the county party does not have a website, they will also post notice on the county commissioners’ bulletin board. All notice must be posted no less than 10 days in advance of the precinct convention and must remain continuously posted until the date of the convention. Your county party’s website can be found here.

If my county isn’t affiliated, will there still be a precinct convention?

If a county isn’t affiliated, there will be no precinct or county conventions held in that county. If you would like to affiliate your county in advance of precinct conventions, you can apply here.

What do I do when I get there?

When you arrive at the precinct convention location, you will likely be greeted by an existing member of county leadership who can direct you where to go. Otherwise, find the county chair who will get you started by verifying your eligibility to participate in the convention and administer to you the Oath of Affiliation. After that point, sit tight and wait for the convention to get started.

What can I expect the agenda to include?

At precinct convention, the agenda will include electing a precinct chair (and other officers if there are people present and interested in holding those positions), and electing additional delegates to county convention from your precinct. The agenda may include voting on a proposal made by another member from your precinct for a change to the county bylaws, state Rules, or county or state platform.

Who runs precinct convention?

The county chair is the person who sets the time and location of the precinct conventions, but once a precinct convention convenes, it will either be the existing precinct chair or someone appointed by the county chair who will conduct the convention until a precinct convention chair is elected by those participating.

How do we elect precinct chairs?

Once the convention has started, the temporary precinct chair (either the previously elected precinct chair or someone appointed by the county chair) will open nominations for precinct chair at which point anyone participating in the convention will be able to nominate a person to be voted on. Once nominations have been made, an vote will be conducted and the winner will be decided in accordance with LPTexas’ Rules and county or precinct bylaws.

How long does a precinct convention last?

This really depends on the size of your precinct and county. With just a few people, it can be done in less than half an hour, but as the precinct gets larger and there are more people for party leadership to affiliate before things can get started it may take an hour or more. For a better estimate for your county/precinct contact your county chair.

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